New Glasses for 2000

New Glasses — Originally uploaded by LexnGer

I had intended to carefully select the 2000th photo to load to my . Something beautiful, inspired, and significant.

Instead, whatever ailment currently has me in it’s grips has caused me to load photos willy-nilly and you get an off-kilter photo of one of my new pairs of glasses.

New glasses? – yes. My last pair lost an arm on the airplane to New Brunswick in February.

"one of"? – yes.  When my mom stylist was in town last, I dragged her down to the new place near St. Lawrence Market called .

Not only is it 3-for-1 but they’d been distributing $75 off-coupons in the neighbourhood too.  Little did I know there was so much drama
around these guys. I guess that explains their WoM promotion – get 10
"purchasing customers" to mention your name and you get a free pair of
glasses or a 3-year’s supply of contacts.  I’m pretty happy with my new
glasses, all 3 pairs, but I came with an official prescription.

yes, Gerry brought something draining home last week. Something that
has left us both completely wipped out. After 5 days of sleeping about
20 hours a day, he’s finally back at work. I’m about 2 days behind him
and grumpy as hell about it. I’m really tired of being tired and/sick.
It’s been a nearly constant state since the
and it’s getting in the way! So, I’ve decided… this is the last time.
No more sick for me this year. I’ve banked enough sick-time to cover me
well into 2009.

But Lex, they’re purple AND green?!? – My
two favourite colours that go great together. The other two pairs are
black and black&white, so I needed something with a little
playfulness. My mom stylist agreed with the high-pressure sales dude said I looked "fabulous" in them… so green & purple, woo hoo!  Don’t you wish you were as wild an crazy as me?

So I guess this 2000th photo does give me "beautiful" green & purple, "inspired" not to be sick again and "significant" because I say so. 

Alexa Clark

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