Thank God The Weekend is Over!

After a weekend like mine there is very little you can say but “thank god it’s Monday!”

Let’s skip over the crazies that seemed to be loud and proud everywhere I went on the weekend – including outside my window banging and screaming all night, every night, as I tried to fall asleep.

Let’s skip over the strange fatigue weird moods that plagued us both all weekend.

Let’s skip straight to the point where my wallet was stolen as I sipped my Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade at Albert Britnell Starbucks.  Straight to the point where I cancel my plans for the evening and rush home to cancel my life and my identity… only to find that my phone line and internet connect are down. [More details on the pickpocketing and Starbucks’ pathetic customer service below the fold.]

I’ll skip the stress and annoyance that my phone and internet were out until the next day at 12:30. Skip over the money it cost me to do all the urgent cancellations using my cell phone. I’ll even skip the the annoying fact you often need your credit card number to cancel your credit card.

Let’s just say, I’m happy the weekend is OVER.

Please tell me something lovely that happened on your weekend so I can live vicariously through yours?  Please?

Some notes about the pick pocketing:

  • We were sitting at a table near the front, my back to the path through the store, my coat hanging on the back of my chair and my knapsack by my leg.
  • I ordered our drinks, paid and put my wallet either back in my coat pocket or in the front zip pocket of my knapsack… where I always put it.
  • A young man was wandering around the front of the store looking a little lost and confused.  A Starbucks employee approached him and asked if he was waiting for someone. He said “yes”.
  • he moved a chair to sit facing the front door, creating a little triangular space between his chair, my chair and one of the big cushy chair… with my coat pocket and knapsack tucked in the middle.
  • Another Starbucks employee approached him, pointing to a free table.  He didn’t move.  The woman sitting in another cushy chair indicated that the cushy chair RIGHT BESIDE him would be more comfortable and was available… he didn’t move.
  • He did move immediately when I said to Gerry: “we should go or we’ll be late”.  He left.
  • My wallet was gone. He was gone. I was pissed.

Ironic that I was just talking about andrea’s Trust Project, no?

Starbucks’ response to “Excuse me, I just wanted to let you know that someone just took my wallet”:   [please read these quotes outloud with attitude and disbelief for full effect]

  • “What?” – “someone just stole my wallet”
  • “Well, where were you sitting?” – “up here at the front.  Where we’ve been sitting for an hour and a half.”
  • “Are you sure?” – “yes, and I’m pretty sure it was that kid who was sitting near the door that one of you came and talked to.”
  • “Really?  Who?” – “you know, the kid that you guys came and talked to a couple of times about sitting in a weird spot and loitering”
  • “Who talked to him?” – “I don’t know, one of your staff”
  • “Which one?” – “The woman with the glasses, and then the guy.”
  • “Really. Are you sure?”

[minor tone shift from disbelief to time-wasting lack of concern]

  • “Oh well, that’s been happening here lately. We think we know who’s doing it.”- “ah…”
  • “You should phone the police”  – “Can I use your phone?”
  • “Oh no.  We don’t have a phone for public use. We’ll need you to stay and fill out a report” –  “ah… don’t I need to call the cops?

Needless to say, we weren’t all that impressed with their customer service.

Alexa Clark

Alexa is a digital marketer and author with over 20 years in digital & interactive communications in the food and tech industries. Alexa's CheapEats Restaurant Guides, for both Toronto & Ottawa, were Canadian best sellers. She is a recognized authority on social media and has been named one of Canada's 20 Leading Women in Social Media.

13 thoughts on “Thank God The Weekend is Over!

  • April 2, 2007 at 12:29 pm

    I’d like to think that I’d do whatever it took to get the manager’s attention. Things like saying, as loudly as necessary, that THEY need to call the police right now, that THEY have had a customer lose a wallet to theft, and what are THEY doing to prevent theft in their store. And make sure the police are given a copy (directly from the store) of all the security recordings from the time of the incident.
    Sadly, the police probably won’t do much. Not that they don’t want to, but unless they have a good likelihood of catching the suspect and proving the facts, there’s not a lot they can do. Just check out how many new calls they have to deal with every shift and it’s pretty depressing.
    So we focus on better things: I was at a fundraiser last Friday for a group that helps refugees (etc) with furniture donated by others across the city.

  • April 2, 2007 at 12:40 pm

    That sucks big time. On all levels. It’s things like this that erode public trust. i.e. does this mean that weirdos are always up to no good and shouldn’t be trusted? Gah.
    Happy thought for me: I have a new writing gig (!) and I met with the head honcho on Saturday afternoon. She was very cool, and I am very happy to be me right now.

  • April 2, 2007 at 1:37 pm

    Sorry, I had a bad weekend, too–albeit nowhere near as bad as yours! I just had weird health issues: bad heartburn, headaches, couldn’t sleep, kept getting hungry at weird and inconvenient times.

  • April 2, 2007 at 1:38 pm

    I had a wonderful weekend. Saturday, we bought bagels at Gryfe’s and then hung out at St. Lawrence Market a while. I made a spinach/brie/mushroom/redpepper omelette on Sunday that rocked. Curry from Trimurti (gawd, that place rocks … ) last night. Other details, I’m afraid I cannot share. But it was another wonderful weekend. Tonight, I attend my first seder.
    Sorry to hear about your wallet and other travesties. Things can only get better, right?

  • April 2, 2007 at 1:39 pm

    Sorry to hear about your weekend, it is a pain to deal with things like that. When you get all your stuff re-issued it is a good idea to always keep a photocopy of pretty much all your wallet content just in case at in safe place at home and locked up. Those things happen to many people all the time. At least you were not somewhere overseas – it could have been much more stressful.

  • April 2, 2007 at 2:04 pm

    Paul O. – I certainly didn’t stop my voice from projecting. Especially the more they were treating me with distain. I get annoyed, I get louder. I didn’t check if they had a recording, but the police know where it happened.
    What is the name of the organisation? Sounds like a great idea.
    andrea – it wasn’t a weirdo that stole my wallet. It was a nice, clean, quiet, well-dressed, well-groomed young black man. If he was a weirdo, the staff would have escorted him from the cafe, like they did 2 other people who were just a little under dressed and loud. This kid was allowed to stay, even though he hadn’t made a purchase because people were trying to be nice, not jump to conclusions and help this young man who looked a little confused. And then stole my wallet. The bum! [There is no question it was him… the only person w/ opportunity and proximity].
    re; writing gig – Wooo HOoo!!!! Tell me more.
    angelanoel – recipes… I want recipes.
    June – sorry to hear you had a bad weekend. Hopefully things will turn around today.
    Venus – sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Can you say Jeal-ous! I’ve never been to a seder either… I guess fun and interesting cultural experience await.
    Tyson – You are so right and photocopying is a great idea. I was very lucky to be minutes from home, with all our financial stuff organised for Taxmas. It made all the calling much easier. (Though it doesn’t speed things up much.) I’m also glad I have my expired passport and birth certificate, so I have id to help me get replacements.
    I’m also very lucky not to be dealing with this alone. I have a partner who could pay to get me home and cover things until I get a replacement bank card.
    In all honesty, it hasn’t been all that traumatic except for the lack of phone and the time and hassle.
    I’m trying to remember that this kid probably needed the money more than I did.

  • April 2, 2007 at 3:46 pm

    Drag about your weekend. I must say Starbucks is becoming a victim of its popularity – customer service is not high on the list since we all want to pay $4 for a chai latte.
    As for my weekend it was most excellent. I did a lot of cycling to get ready for the Belgium trip. Also chilled out and attempted to knit with wire – yes it is as difficult as it sounds.
    I hope you are having a terrific Monday.

  • April 2, 2007 at 4:26 pm

    Oh UGH! 🙁 I sure hope today is better. *sending virtual desserts your way*

  • April 2, 2007 at 10:53 pm

    O Lex, that is bad news indeed.
    Talk about your trust project… only bright news i can offer is the ice is almost gone from the river.

  • April 3, 2007 at 8:52 am

    oh, i’m so sorry, that’s awful. i had a ton of lovely things happen; the bywords reading was a sensation, we had great music and the room overflowed with an attentive audience. then i wrote a song i think it very good. i have this very sexy red leather jacket i just bought. how’s that?

  • April 3, 2007 at 8:56 am

    Vicki – knitting with wire! Cool. Belgium – jealous! Monday – not bad, thanks.
    moggy – yum… those chocolate cream puffs with fresh berries were just perfect. Thanks!
    sandy – luckily there was nothing irreplaceable in the wallet… it was just cards and cash. Nothing important or sentimental. re; ice – that means KAYAKs!!!
    Amanda – that’s wonderful. Thanks, you’ve brightened my morning. Red is a good colour for you.


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