QotD: Simple Pleasures

Venus posed this excellent QotD:
list 10 simple joys in life that give you a small hit of pleasure when you experience them

  1. The smell of flowering crabs and lilacs wafting through the spring air
  2. The first bite of the first ripe strawberry of the year. Super Hero In Training.
  3. Wind – that intense, chaotic and powerful wind that blows right through you and leaves you cleansed
  4. The sound of a train, especially when I’m on it.
  5. Building a fire.
  6. Hearing the call of “Gerry’s home” from the bottom of the stairs
  7. Rain on my skin
  8. Seeing my friends loving and playing with their kids
  9. Watching people dance.
  10. The sound of the people I love singing when they think they are alone.

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