miniBookExpo is a GO!

miniBookExpo for Bloggers 2007 is a go!
I’m just pulling together the final touches on a dedicated blog for miniBookExpo for Bloggers at

We have 46 books ready to go this year, and another 13 Advance
Reader’ Copies (or ARCs) that I’m just waiting for publishers to give
me the okay to included.

The rules are much the same as last year:

Claim it – Read it – Blog it.

The only big difference is that I’ll be asking for you
to contribute $3 towards shipping for most books.  Some books (and they’ll be marked
in the posting)
will be shipped directly from the publishers who have
offered to cover shipping. (Yay , & Random House!!)

Books will be posted, one at a time, onto the miniBookExpo blog over the next week or so.  When you see a book you want, leave a comment in the book’s posting and I’ll email you with a paypal link so you can securely send me your mailing address and contibute $3 towards the shipping costs.

You can stay up-to-date with the miniBookExpo for Bloggers posts by subscribing:

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