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I realized there is absolutely no point in writing up my own description of our Nuit Blanche experience when Rockr has captured it so brilliantly.

We all pretty much agreed that this year, Toronto’s Nuit Blanche was less interesting in terms of exhibits than it was last year. I mean, come on. Three boxes — one vibrating, one vibrating harder …

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HA!  Thought you got off that easy did you?

IMG_7028-3 What I will say, that failed to mention, is he was curating our experience and that we eschewed almost everything with a line up (except of course ‘s )

Everything except the video of a wolf and a deer together in a small room.  Ger’s response? “I would 09302007(035)-1have been much more interested in seeing the artist and the wolf together in a small room.”  Perhaps it’s more engaging in it’s full three-hour version.IMG_7065-1

 One other disappointment was that we were unable to find Assbook even after searching and asking all around Kensington Market.  Perhaps that WAS the project.  See how many asses would wander about looking for a photocopier so they could drop trow and copy their posterior for posterity. 

IMG_6952-1As Rockr noted, the evening became more about being together than being artistically enlightened, and that is more than enough reason to wander the streets until 4am.

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One thought on “The Race to Save the Giant Locust – Junkii’s blog

  • October 2, 2007 at 8:29 pm

    And we got some nice photos from Rannie’s exhibit. I bet “Ghost Station” would have been interesting — a sound installation using low frequency sounds in an abandoned subway station. How cool is that? But had we waited, we would have been in Yorkville til 4am and would have never even known there WAS a race to save the Locust.


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