Chinatown Crates

Chinatown Crates — Originally uploaded by LexnGer

Just got a note from

Taken by me with Gerry’s camera, it’s a nice affirmation that the camera doesn’t do all the work.

As an added bonus brought my camera back this morning, after another visit to the .

After it was "fixed" last time I could take No Fault Foundpictures, but the only way I could do point and shoot was in Macro mode or if I mussed about with the zooming. I couldn’t turn the camera on, point at something and take a picture.  Well, not a picture in focus anyway. After talking to the kind folks at Henry’s, just to make sure I wasn’t insane, I sent it back.

I find it interesting that Canon fixed the problem for free and paid for the courier to and from the service centre even though there was "no fault found".

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