10 Years Ago Today

As I am still finishing up the book layout for (yes still. Shut it!),  I realized that 10 years ago I was just starting my Big African Adventure.

So, I thought I’d share a quick, and unedited excerpt from my “Lex’s First Big Trip” journal:

January 11, 1998 – Sunday

Arrived in Johannesburg, RSA @ 11:00ish. Customs a breeze. Russ met me @ the airport with his shiny red car… “Leave the windows closed,” says Russ, “it’s warm out there.” (Besides it is better from a safety standpoint.)

Upon arrival I was fresh (okay, I needed a shower and change) but invigorated and happy to be in continent #3 in 2 days. We drove to central Jo’burg, saw some interesting buildings and came “home”. <shower, change>

Headed back out to buy meat (vleis) meat for the BBQ (braai). Drove out to the country. By this time I realize my sense of enthusiasm has been severely impacted by my lack of sleep. Met lots of people, don’t remember a single name!  But it was very nice – except of course for the contingent of flies that seemed to assume the table was set just for them.

Perhaps tomorrow I will figure out what I actually want to do while I am here.

Note: this may continue as a series if people are interested… I have photos!

Alexa Clark

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