1998 List of Stuff To See in Africa

I continue:
January 12, 1998 – Gerry’s 30th and I’m in Africa.

Okay – what time zone is my body in?? I woke up at 3am and can’t sleep. (It’s now 4:30) This sucks!

I’m considering calling Gerry for his birthday – but I don’t know where the phone is (or how to use it) and I don’t want to wake Russ. Argh!! Where is that bottle of tequila when you really need it?

I also just realized that I didn’t leave my “Reconfirmations” slip at the airport – and they suggested this was grounds for cancelling return flights. Perhaps “suggested” is a bit soft – they were pretty blunt about it!  Needless to say this is not a sleep-inducing situation!

So, I’ll list all the stuff I want to see in Africa:

  1. Flamingos
  2. Pomegranate Tree
  3. Avocado Tree
  4. GNU gnu, spelled G-N-U…” >
  5. Lion
  6. Raw Diamond Crystal
  7. Gold Mine
  8. Food Market
  9. Desert
  10. Giraffe
  11. Zebra
  12. Hippo
  13. Carnivore Restaurant
  14. Vineyards
  15. Trains – and by extension – trips on
  16. Ocean – maybe in Durban or Capetown
  17. Funky Street Vendors
  18. Big Bins of Spice

(I figure if that is it, then I’m pretty easy to please… but then again I know that statement is crap.)

Later in the day, the landlady walked in on me while I was making coffee in my nightgown, I finally reached Gerry to wish him Happy Birthday,  and I had a lovely dinner with Hilton’s friend Alex… and freaked Russ out a bit because I didn’t get home ’til almost midnight.

First night in Jo’burg and I’m already hitting the scene with young attractive men.  Good sign!

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