Where Have My Photos Been Lately

Yup, it’s time for another Photo Round-Up post. We’ll skip their use on my own blog and on the CheapEats blogs – & – the places you’d expect to see them popping up.

Here are a set of photos that are being used elsewhere. Places that are respecting the Creative Commons Attribution rules.

chicken in a box on If you know me, you’ll how tickled I was this morning when the following story took place.

I take the bus to work now…

woods.jpg How to Be Productive Online When You’re Offline on Lately, I’ve been taking my computer with me to places where I know I’ll be waiting, even if there’s not a connection. I’ve found that I’ve been able to get myself organized much better, so that I can get more done when I am able to be online
Beerstore_73253870_b200b0d22a The Retail Crap-Off (LCBO Drops the Plan-o-bomb) on CrapHammerHere in Ontario, we have to buy most of our alcohol from the Government (LCBO) or The Beer Store.  Likely explains why Canadians are more involved in politics.  We have to be or they may mess with our beer…
balsamicvinegar.jpg Urban Legend? “I’ll Have the Salad…and a Baby” on Even though I’ve eaten at Studio City’s Caioti Pizza Cafe a bunch of times in the past, I never knew there was a bizarre urban legend associated with the casual eatery. Apparently, one salad on their menu is purported to induce labor in expectant women…
raccoon in trash Different Ways of Knowing: Birding, Aquariums, and the End of Suffering? Part II on Traci Warkentin and Gavan Watson join us in studio again … In this conversation, Traci and Gavan describe the work of some of their influences, including environmental philosophers Neil Evernden and Val Plumwood among others. They also provide a brief introduction to sensual world of phenomenology…
  on Think working out in a city has to mean sucking exhaust while you jog on the side of a busy street? Not with these fun, and at times, extreme-alternative workouts….
Underworld Photo 14 of 21 ” on
on ACDo you have a party coming up but don’t have time to make candy from scratch? No worries. You can find gourmet Christmas candy online…

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  • January 29, 2008 at 11:59 am

    I just was looking at your pics and the little chicks are so cute!


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