Hand Made Noodles at Sun’s Kitchen

One of the cool things we ended up doing this weekend with Rockr & Junkii was hitting the Pacific Mall. We’ve gotten lots and LOTs and LOTS of recommendations for the food there and we’d just been aching to sample what’s available.  The food available covers most of the traditional Asian cuisines and when you reach the second floor it’s hard to miss the smell of fresh waffles wafting down the narrow aisles.
After cruising all the restaurants, food kiosks and vendors in the food court, everyone except Stephen ended up in front of Sun’s Kitchen ordering one of their noodle soups.  The noodles are made to order and with the smack-smack-smack sound of the noodles being stretched, and the guy across the aisle playing tunes on his small pipes, it really attracts a crowd.
If you listen carefully you’ll heard Rockr doing a quiet voice over describing where we are. You can also hear Gerry suggesting that we try noodle-making in lieu of fighting, and at other points you can hear us ordering our spring rolls and pan fried dumplings.  The noodle soups are definitely the way to go here.
Next time, I’ll take a video of the Dragon’s Beard Candy being made. Same approach but it results in thousands of tiny strands of candy thread which are then wrapped around peanut, coconut and sesame seeds.  (photos soon)
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Alexa Clark

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3 thoughts on “Hand Made Noodles at Sun’s Kitchen

  • April 8, 2008 at 11:17 am

    I’ve taken part of this video for my own blog entry. I’m definitely going back to Markham next time we’re in town – likely on the way out of town. So fun at that mall!

  • February 15, 2011 at 4:51 am

    HKF — love beard candy
    My favourite Chinese New Year food (though you sometimes find it all year round) is the Dragon Beard Candy, an ancient Chinese Emperor’s Dessert. It’s made into very sweet thin strands and sometimes filled with peanuts.
    If you’ve never tried it, you simply have to! The only place I know to find this online is http://www.geocities.jp/family_hong_kong/English/Dragon_Bread_Candy_index.htm .

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