Need a Little Design Help for MiniBookExpo 2008

Bouquet of Brushes

It’s almost June and you know what that means:  !!

This year I’m hoping to get more of the involved directly so we can go back to the “Free Book” model which got more books into more people’s hands. (Or at least it did when the publisher’s didn’t drop a request.  I think is still waiting for a title from 2007. )

This might mean there will be less s available, but may mean there is a wider variety of Business, Food, Fiction and Non-Fiction available (fingers crossed).   Let’s see how it goes.

But the real reason I’m posting is to ask if any of you creative types out there want to help out with a quickie redesign/cleanup of the existing site –

Creative & Critical Types

  • help! What can we do to make the site easier to use and more attractive?  Leave your comment below or email me. lex [at] minibookexpo [dot] com


  • have a late or unlisted book review for one of the 2007 titles – leave a comment with the book’s title, publisher’s name and a link to your review below.
  • add the to your reader so you are prepared when the titles start becoming available.

Publishers & Authors

  • Want to offer your title(s) to the Mini Book Expo 2008 bloggers? Email me at lex [at] plethorapress [dot] com and we’ll talk.

Note: Mini Book Expo is completely and totally unaffiliated with .

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