Or Lex NOT at Big on Bloor

Got up this morning and accosted by reports of impending rain and possibly thunderstorms. Not so good for selling books, or any paper-products for that matter, especially without some sort of tent.  (Though it might be an opportunity for kids books, the ones that have to stand up to drool, because no amount of drool could compare to a thunderstorm.)

Then it Rained

So we are out.

And that makes this Lexa’s First Day To Herself in 3 weeks!

What to do? What to do?

  • It’s too late to zip down to Kingston for for a little education towards a new project we’re scheming… (though Gerry did suggest it this morning), besides it looks like Eden Spodek will be live blogging it for .
  • Perhaps I can finish processing the photos from , , 100km Tasting Club Dinner @  (why don’t they have a page for the Tasting Club?!?), 65th in Waterloo, and of course the final sessions of
  • Maybe I could finish setting up my so it’s in place for Monday’s that I was interviewed for yesterday. (I think that’s when it’s airing.)
  • I could finish figuring out how to get the live blogging content from loaded locally so it’s searchable without pissing you guys off.
  • I should finish contacting publishers about participating in and start releasing books from the who are already on-board.
  • Or it would also be good for me to get back in touch with the contributors, make sure they have what they need to be writing and then get recruiting some more writers so we can have the book finished in time for a November launch.

My WeekBut I think I might just jump in the shower and then crawl back into bed, curl up beside my man and grab a couple of ZZZZZZZs. Because tomorrow is my day too, and I can deal with that list then.

Alexa Clark

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