I Can See Clearly Now The Fog Is Gone

The wind and fog have finally given way to the sunshine. It is days like this that make it truly feel like the world has slipped away and left us on our island floating alone in the mist.

We spent the day tidying and making gnocchi. Okay, Gerry was tidying and fixing stuff, and I made gnocchi. Dad gave a running commentary.

Gnocchi By The River

I’m down at the beach for my daily constitutional and to do a little writing.

With all the cool clouds and humidity in the air, I expect that the sunset will be spectacular. However, since I was relying on today’s sun to recharge my batteries I may not be able to share it with you. I guess you’ll just have to find a damp piece of sand to sit on, squeeze your eyes tight shut and imagine dramatic oranges, pinks and purples reflecting off clouds layered above hills covered with darkening evergreen, all viewed from across a river coloured in shades of platinum, silver + hematite.

If you squeeze your eyes really tight you might just see all those colours without even using your imagination (or chemicals).

It might also help to stand somewhere windy. So windy that all you can hear are the trees whipping back and forth and the occasional howling of some dogs.

Off for a little cold water swim and then to whip up some wild mushroom sauce for those gnocchi.
Gnocchi w/ wildmushroom, whisky cream sauce

Alexa Clark

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