Copyright? What is This Thing Called Copyright?

So the copyright discussion seems to continue with this new chapter from my friend Al, (aka @brundle_fly) who tweeted a link to this email, which I am reproducing with his explicit permission.

He showed a lot more restraint in his subtle “UMMM No.” intro to this than I would ever be able to muster.

Correction this was found by Al, not an issue he had. But still!

“Please put them back right away”  You’ve got to be kidding me!

[2013-02-08 – Sorry the original image in the original location has been replaced with something that I’m not comfortable having on my site, and which is not even remotely connected to this discussion. I am leaving this post here and learning that I need to explain things a little better. In it’s place I’ll give you a picture of an adorable kitten playing with an iPad]

I Can Haz iPad?

Alexa Clark

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