Our Team @ HyperCube Awards!

Our Team @ HyperCube Awards! — Originally uploaded by LexnGer

I was invited to last night’s party at CiRCA announcing the winners of 50 Nissan HyperCubes.

Normally this isn’t the kind of event I would pick to go to since I’m not all that interested in cars, BUT 3 of my friends were participating in the contest!

I made them all pose in the car before the announcements were made, and we all waited with baited breath to hear who won.

With a 1-in-10 chance to win there was a very good chance that at least one of them would be leaving with a brand new car, and I wanted to be there to see it!

Unfortunately, even with 50 cars to give away it was unlikely that all 3 would win, but I had my fingers and toes crossed for Michel Savoie (@michelsavoie), Rannie Turingan (@photojunkie) and Amrita Chandra (@tinkugallery). They all worked hard to build unique and interesting campaigns to garner votes from their social media friends and from the judges and I would be delighted to see any one of them win.

And we got to see 2 of the 3 win new cars.

Unfortunately, Michel didn’t win, but he did graciously offer his congratulations to both Amrita and Rannie and showed a lot more composure than I would. Kudos to him for being a gentleman!

Amrita & Rannie were both overjoyed to win and there’s even a little video footage of Amrita "screaming like a banshee" as she puts it. Trust me, we were all screaming when their names were called… Amrita was last in her batch of winners and Rannie was the 49th name called.

They really squeezed the last drop of emotion out of us.

I saw my first Hypercube on the road this morning. It was silver not the cool silvery-blue of the cars in the photos. I’ve heard through the grapevine that this is because the silver-blue colour is reserved exclusively for winners.

So if you see one of these cars driving by, you know they won it after months of hard work promoting themselves and the car.

Good job all of you!

Alexa Clark

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