Twitterville & HoHoTO

Wasn’t sure they’d be selling Twitterville at tonight’s Third Tuesday. So I snagged a copy and headed off to hear Shel Israel talking about twitter and his new book, Twitterville. Wasn't sure they'd be selling Twitterville at tonight's event.

Shel has given a lot of great folks, and many of my friends, shout outs for their good work.

But I have to say that HoHoTO reference (p.g. 109) caught me by surprise. (I will not write all the organiser’s twitter ids into the book… But I am very tempted!)

Shel has included HoHoTO as part of his discussion of Molson’s involvement in the community.  Molson does some fantastic things for the communities they are active in, and having them be a part of HoHoTO was fantastic!  Some of Shel’s story may not be exactly as I remember it, but he certainly does give well-deserved credit to Molson, Ferg and Tonia.

I would have added the drama of having Ferg and Tonia pull me aside at the first HoHoTO and asked exactly how much more we needed to reach $25,000.  Then over the roar of the crowd and the music, said “we can do that”. On the spot they upped their sponsorship so HoHoTO could give Daily Bread $25,000 at our first event. I was speechless.  Literally.  But I hugged them, and I hugged them hard.

The elation that erupted in the Mod Club when we went on stage an announced we had raised $25,000 donation to give the Daily Bread Food Bank was staggering.

Twitterville is telling stories like that – how twitter, and the relationships coming from it, are changing the world.



Alexa Clark

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