This Old House

As some of you know, my intention for our last trip to the island was to evaluate whether or not our house could be recovered and repaired after years of sitting silently holding my kayak.
My House
When I bought my share in the island, the building was in a state of disrepair and we decided the best course of action was just to build new. However that was around the same time as I started my first business, so you can guess how much attention the construction got.

The building on my property, which we have just dubbed “The Boat House” was originally the cabin on a ferry. Likely one of the Gondola Point Cable Ferries just up river. It was transported to the island, plunked down on the ground and there it sits still. Complete with the beams used to lift and plunk it sticking out unsealed.
Of course plunking down a wooden house directly on the ground in the Maritimes is just begging for rot.

So we decided to check out exactly how much damage there is to the integrity of the Boat House and see if we could reclaim it.  It looks possible, but not easy.

A little construction work was done and a little more is required but the rain got in our way.
We need to raise the house up, remove the rotten wood, replace some floor supports and insert footings… and take an entire corner off. Just a “little” more to be done


Alexa Clark

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