Take Your Meds

Take Your Meds — Originally uploaded by LexnGer
When they tell you to take your medicine
with food, it's hard not to think that this is what they mean

I've spent the last week knocked out with H1N1.  I was lucky to have mom visiting just moments after she got her shot so she gave me lots of advice on what symptoms I should worry about. 

Her advice got me to take the online flu assessment and to get myself to a Flu Assessment Clinic just over a day after the symptoms started to show. Which was great because the best time to catch it is in the first 48 hours.

They got me on Tamiflu immediately and told me to take measures to make sure I didn't spread it to mom or Gerry.  Essentially I was in a pseudo-quarantine, which wasn't a big deal since I felt like crap and was in bed for most of the week anyway.

I have no interest in spreading any more of the drama or hype around this flu, or any other. But I am glad I took it seriously and got into the clinic, because after I visited my fever spiked to almost 102, and I'm pretty sure the Tamiflu is why I felt so much better the next day.

And no, Gerry didn't have to hide my pills in my food. But as we always say "a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down" and sometimes a doughnut has to do.

Alexa Clark

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