5YAT: Ice, Ice, Tree

22 December, 2004 – 0º & Sunny

[This post is part of the 5 Years Ago Today Series]

Up around 0615. Got the fire poked and going and then started the truffle chocolate melting. Yes, my recent trips ashore allowed me to stock up on goodies to make some presents including chocolate truffles.Preparing Beans

Wandered around checking ice. It’s a daily activity. The ice out from Ladies Beach at 10’ is 4-5” thick. At 40’ out it’s about 2”.  Not ready to be crossed and even worse than that, covered with a thin dusting of snow so the crack depth is not visible.  I’d prefer 2 more days of bitter cold to trust the ice on this side of the river.

Checked the ice at Porcher’s End and there is a fairly big crack diagonally towards the store going far enough out that it’s not clear where it stops.

100_2131_dec_25On my way back to the house, I got a little tree from the woods for my Christmas tree. Honestly, I wasn't going to cut down a tree just for my own selfish holiday “pleasure” but my trip to shore left me laden with gifts from Sue, Di and Cathy & John. Birthday presents too!  All these gifts required a tree to put them under. 

The tree will eventually help mark the safe path across the ice from the island to the shore, but for now it’s my Xmas, New Years & Birthday tree.

Alexa Clark

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