5YAT: Golden Glowing Xmas Day

25 December, 2004 – Warm & Windy

[This post is part of the 5 Years Ago Today Series]

I woke up early with a vision of a glowing golden Xmas tree in my mind. Foolish to think that Santa had come and made my Xmas morning filled with a glowing golden light.

Hell, I don’t even believe in Santa Claus cum Santa Claus – and yet I hesitated getting out of bed to hold this image in my mind a little longer before going downstairs in the dark to stoke the fire and see my humble tree in the darkness of 0600 before the sun has even considered throwing off it’s own blankets and touching bare feet to cold floor.

Iron Pine

The truth is my Xmas tree, which is lovely and filled with extra toasted ginger bread pups, did not disappoint.  But I still hold this vision of Santa’s gift. I don’t think I have ever, in my life, had the magic of Xmas morning affect me like this and I will not give up the glow easily.

Once up with a coffee tipped up with a little Reindeer’s Milk (aka home-made Bailey’s) in hand, I started my Xmas phone calls.

Dad called; then breakfast; then presents; then called dad.

Solstice, Xmas and b'day Tree

Then mom called and while chatting with her I wondered down past Meatloaf & PorkPie, past the chicken house, down to the Philosopher’s Shack & Honolulu Bay.


I tucked myself into the rocks that were being warmed by the sun and protected me from the wind. Called the Thorpes. Called them back when I stopped being a sap. Called Nancy.

Heather called – Wow! what a sweet friend to interrupt her family Xmas to think of me and call to make sure I was okay.

Made myself some dinner: Roasted turkey with an apple butter glaze, boiled potatoes (because I forgot to look for the ricer before it got dark), and corn.

I couldn’t find the big Bonnie plates, so I had to make do with 2 servings on a Bonnie lunch plate. I’m glad I was miserly enough to keep the bottle of Farneze around because wine was an excellent addition to the meal.

Went for a walk around after dinner to visit the dogs, giving them each their own gingerbread puppy snack, and make sure the chickens were tucked in and cosy in their roosts. The moon was shining down through a thin veil of cloud creating a double aura of silver and orange. Very pretty.

Gingerbread Pups

The dogs decided there was something alarming happening. Not sure what it was, but after 1/2 a bottle of wine I wasn’t too happy with this kind of close to my Xmas day. But I inspected the troops and the bounds with my big stick, and found nothing up.

Back inside, sang a couple of carols & tucked myself into bed with an average book and 2 mandarins.

A fairly successful and mellow first Xmas alone. And that golden glow stayed with me all day.

Alexa Clark

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