5YAT: Good Question

23 December, 2004 – Warm! Wet! Windy! +7º

[This post is part of the 5 Years Ago Today Series]

Up early to a drippy slippy day.

This morning CBC  answered my Good Question.  Every morning in Saint John takes one question from a listener and gets an expert to answer it.  This morning they used my question:

What is the safest way to test the ice? What is the probability I will be able to cross for Christmas?”

I left the question over a week ago and by the time it aired I knew the answer.

nope – you won’t be able to cross

Big surprise.  But it was nice that , the host, sounded so disappointed for me.  And my good friend Tim Frink came on minutes later to praise and promote traditional bread sauce.  So all in all a fun morning with CBC.

Rain and wind is very bad for the ice, especially when the weather is this warm. Too warm.  The warm rain makes the ice thinner and as the tides rise lifting the sheet of ice floating on the rive, the winds bang it against shore and rocks.  The ice doesn’t stand much chance.

Rolled out reindeer poops (aka chocolate truffles w/ dried cherries rolled in graham crackers) and made some gingerbread dogs.  It was wet and yucky outside, but it was dry and yummy inside.

My cousin & aunt flew back to Calgary today, but before they left they drove out to the store with dad.  I was told, since I was in charge, dad wanted to “make sure the island was still afloat.” 

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