5YAT: Ice, Mexico & Foreplay

In the continuation of the 5 Years Ago Today series:

9 December, 2004 – Thursday – Sunny & 0º

[This post is part of the 5 Years Ago Today Series]
Walked down to the gap to see the division of water & ice – very cool since the glen-side is iced & the Gondola Point side is open. I figure I’ll be obsessing over the state of the ice for a while.

The Gap

Lots of calls today. I’ve started answering the phone “Moose Island Call Centre”. Violet who was worried about me since it was my first time alone on the island during make-up, “I’ve been watching, you should turn over those boats. Did you finish the wood? You sound okay.” It’s nice to know people are looking out for me, even from the shore.

Gerry called – threatening to go to Mexico if he can’t get across the river to for Xmas. Evil Gerry.

The young roosters are dogging my footsteps as I feed the dogs and the Alpha-rooster is beating up on Emily – biting her neck and hitting her with his wings.  This is foreplay?!?  Chickens are pretty vicious!

Emily & The Rooster

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