5YAT: I’ve Seen Snow & I’ve Seen Rain

19 December, 2004 – Snow, Snow, Snow Wet, Wet Wet 0º

[This post is part of the 5 Years Ago Today Series]

0600 Woke up to a beautifully snow covered island. Though there was nothing at 0100 when the annoying dogs bark-bark-barked!  By light the snow had changed to wet snow and by 0900 it was slightly chunky rain and the dogs were napping.

Sled Dog Curl

Word of warning – running in moccasins across wet snow downhill to the can, will land you on yours!  Luckily there was about 1-2” of fluffy white stuff to cushion my fall.

The snow gave me a great chance to track the animals today. The chicken crowd seems to have taken over the rabbit hutch as their club house. The 2 grey shadow bunnies have found what looks like an early-start garden box in the old garden with thick plastic walls, and what looks like a little fenced in patio around it.

The cold came in so quickly tonight that there are frozen rain drops at the tips of all the branches and vines – very cool!


Planning to cross tomorrow and Sue has offered me a ride if I can be on shore by 8am.  The ice is good so that should not be a problem.

It’s weird, though, after being out here for a week and a half, to “instantly” be able to cross now. Everything feels like it has been jacked up a to a manic pace as I rush about getting everything done so I can cross in the morning.

Alexa Clark

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