5YAT: Jingled In A Glass

24 December, 2004 – Warm! Wet! Windy! +7º

[This post is part of the 5 Years Ago Today Series]

YUCK! Today’s ablutions involved bundling up for the long walk through the wind and rain to the outhouse.  It’s GROSS out there! All the snow is gone, gone, gone!

Mainland-side is open with ice flow chunks along the shore. The gap is open. The glen-side is still closed but has a worrisome layer of water on the surface of the ice. The shoreline all is broken up.
Broken Ice
I was able to climb out onto an ice chunk that was completely surrounded by water.  The wind on my back pushed the ice from side to side in the water and I felt like an ice cube being jingled in a glass.

My day was lazy – collected wood; wandered the shore line; made some more gingerbread dogs which I burned and used as decorations on the solstice/xmas/new years… and if it lasts… b’day tree; and finished a hat for dad.
Ginger Pups

Made the traditional Xmas-eve pizza over the fire and contemplated Xmas alone.

Occasionally I have wished for an Xmas alone. Tempted to opt out of the family and “step” syndrome whichever parent’s home where I’m expected.  But usually I sigh, get on what ever transport I’ve booked at the last minute, and proceed to have a blast.

I expect this year, much like Thanksgiving, Xmas will be a neutral day.  I love celebrations – but I’m not too sure how good I am at celebrating alone.  I am very good at peaceful enjoyment of serenity, so I have no worries about tomorrow.

A touch of silence, a dash of melancholy and some joyful and off-key singing – feels like Xmas to me.

Alexa Clark

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