5YAT: No Honey For Xmas

15 December, 2004 – Cold & Sunny, -12º

[This post is part of the 5 Years Ago Today Series]

Up early, fretting because I haven’t heard the rooster crowing – however once I was outside I heard him, the Golden Rooster, crowing from under the bushes and looking fairly sound. Phew!

Last nights –14º did get us a little ice – on the mainland side – but there is still a lot of open water. The glen-side is still solid and I walked out parallel to Seadog Rock. With a pike and after testing with stones.

Gerry called in the afternoon – he’s not coming for Xmas. That will make his folks happy but I can tell you it sucks for me. I was really looking forward to time with my honey by the fire reading and talking and planning and just being together. But there is no guarantee he would even be able to get across the river.

Took lots of photos of the ice today.
Ice Formation

Ice Wall

Today’s round of advice on crossing ice on the river:

  • put dry wall screws into the heels of the rubber boots at a 90º angle to avoid slipping on the new ice
Spiked Heels
No Slip Boots – Just add dry wall screws.
  • take an axe & test the ice thickness every 50 feet
  • take the skiff or plastic canoe as a safety floating thing to jump into if you have to
  • wear a life jacket
  • have a roaring fire at home just in case
  • alert someone that you are attempting to cross
  • carry a screwdriver in each pocket to pull yourself OUT of the water if the ice gives
  • do NOT cross after dark
  • only attempt after 3-4 consecutive nights of –10º or below with no rain. Don’t bother before that happens.

Couple of handfuls of corn chips, neocitron & cough syrup for dinner.

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