5YAT: The Island Sickness

29 December, 2004 – Snowy! –4º

[This post is part of the 5 Years Ago Today Series]

100_2179_dec_29_edited My very tentative plans of crossing today are now buried deep in a snowdrift. Sue called to say the glen-shore is wide open “almost all the way to you”, the storm blew all the ice away from their shore.

I was playing loosely with the idea of getting a bottle of bubbly for New Year’s Eve. And allergy pills – I need allergy pills. Even when I don’t cuddle the dogs, the lack of laundry combined with feeding, working and basic handling of the dogs leaves me congested a large part of the time.

Quick Note: If you splash around enough and engage your imagination, doing dishes over the wood stove with the sunshine streaming in the window, dressed only in your bra and sweats can feel almost like a spa treatment.

My friend Carol called to see how I was doing. I talked too much. Ah, the island sickness, talking too much. It is a serious disease, highly infectious and is transmitted by lack of contact.

I’ve also been writing a lot in the daybook.  Perhaps I’ll turn it into an article or a story. I could be on an island in the North Atlantic running a sled dog rescue team that saves the world from the evil Technophobe who is set on ridding the world of wireless devices, and the man who delivers them – Santa Claus. Yes, Santa, who in an ingenious plot twist is my father – so the whole sappy family heart strings can also be twanged. Somehow I must find a way to toss in a little romantic entanglement – optimally my childhood love somehow showing me how true my current love really is.  Sadly no childhood love in my past, no heroic world-saving dog team and no terribly dramatic holiday ending!

See the crap that too much holiday TV will create in you? Sugar and spice overdose!

Alexa Clark

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