Foodie Meet Bake Off!

Today I’m participating in a fundraiser for The Stop – the .  I’m excited, terrified and hungry all at the same time.

The Bake Off is a baking competition, tasting party, foodie free-for-all. I’m one of 27 bakers preparing treats for sale and , eep! My shortbreads are being judged by Nora Young of ; of well, frankly, everywhere cool and foodie (though not CE yet ;->);  and Ruth Klahsen of !   Check out the menu

My offering: Spice Route Shortbreads

Spice Route ShortbreadsI infused my sugar with spices for a week. Then, using my grandmother’s secret shortbread recipe (which is in the LexnGer Cookbook 2000), I used those sugars to make tasty, tasty shortbreads. 

I’ll be serving 8 tiny shortbread together in a little spice ship:

  • Cardamom – the oval
  • Clove – the clover
  • Star Anise – the star
  • Vanilla – the flower
  • Ginger – the diamond
  • Rosemary – the teardrop w/ rosemary baked in
  • Tarragon – the leaf w/ tarragon baked in
  • Pasilla Chili – the triangle w/ chilis baked in

I’m also going to be bringing a gingerbread… because I can’t stop myself. I just couldn’t figure out how to include it in the Theme: Escape From Toronto.

I’m way too excited about this and am looking forward to an evening of tasting, dancing and a massive sugar-rush.

COME TASTE MY WARES!!! A small handful of tickets are still available for tonight.

About The Stop

HomeThe Stop is an amazing initiative to increase access to food in a way that builds dignity, heath and community. It started as one of Canada’s first food banks and has grown beyond simply handing out food to educate, inspire and engage.

One of the coolest parts of The Stop is The Green Barn, a centre for food production and education which incorporates a  greenhouse, commercial kitchen, and classroom. Other initiatives at The Stop include community kitchens and gardens, cooking classes, drop-in meals, outdoor bake ovens, food markets and community advocacy.

I’m delighted to be a part of the the Bake Off fundraiser for The Stop!

Alexa Clark

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