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HoHoTO 2009So… I’ve had my coffee… (unfortunately not the kick-ass coffee I won in the raffle gift basket from because my grinder is broken…) but I digress.

I’ve had my coffee. My 10am call is actually 10am Vancouver time (yay!) and now I can take a moment or two to SHOW you what HoHoTO was like.  Unfortunately not my photos since my camera stayed in the bag all night while I wrangled Raffle Prizes.

My HoHoTO Raffle Booth Babes!  The most effective raffle wranglers, working like clockwork together to do 2-4 prize draws every 10 minutes from 8pm-10:30pm. AND hand out prizes to the winner. Yes, we hustled and they stayed by my side ALL NIGHT!  (portrait photos used with explicit permission from Rannie Turingan)

IMG_3713 by photojunkieIMG_3725 by photojunkie

<and Wendy who seems to have evaded Rannie’s camera yet again.. hmmm>

Now, I don’t think we actually did a team shot this year, so here’s a little love for the folks who generated, and waded through thousands of tweets & emails to make HoHoTO  happen… literally, thousands! Though some occasionally digressed into tangential topics like Sharpies, feet massaging concubines and cascading arithmetic (+1, +1000, +∞)

IMG_3739 by photojunkieIMG_3709 by photojunkieIMG_3706 by photojunkieIMG_3721 by photojunkieIMG_3733 by photojunkieIMG_3724 by photojunkieIMG_3763 by photojunkieIMG_4019 by photojunkieIMG_4337 by photojunkieIMG_4364 by photojunkieIMG_3942 by photojunkieIMG_4261 by photojunkieIMG_4304 by photojunkieIMG_3703 by photojunkie

And here is the cheque! Over $48,000!!!  With Fuse Network’s offer of donating $1 for every pound of food donated to HoHoTO and tonight’s Hangover Twitter Auction, we’ll probably break $50,000!  Did I say WOW yet?

HoHoTO 2009

And lots of people had their cameras out, so here’s what’s on flickr tagged w/ HoHoTO

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  • December 17, 2009 at 7:55 pm

    Love Hangover

    Wow! Seriously, WOW! I’m sore, tired, hoarse. My feet ache, my head aches, my back aches, and I’m overflowing with happiness! Last night, we raised over $48,000 for the Daily Bread Food Bank at HoHoTO! $48,000! We raised it with ticket sales and sponso…


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