Sugar Hangover

I’m not particularly big on sweets, but I found it impossiblee not to try almost everything at Sunday’s .  Thank goodness for sharing!Amazing Almond Cupcakes

All the entries were inspired, tasty and beautiful.  I was seated between 2 winning entries which SOLD out early.

  • ’s Sri-maican patties which won an Honourable Mention, and was the only savoury option available
  • Lisa’s date cake with pomegranate compote, manchego ice cream and beer-caramel, which was stunningly presented.

Beside them were Joel Solish‘s True North Strong and Frees – cookie, maple and bacon – how can you go wrong? And Kristin Perez of Cake or Death’s St Lawrence Market cake – 1 metre of velvet cake with caramel pecan icing!

It didn’t stop there, it was impossible to take a step without finding another must-try delight. The entire Samovar room was filled with bakers, tasters and party-makers.

You know what? Just take a look:

Big shout out to all the participants and to Suresh & Andrea for pulling together yet another fantastic # event. As always: well planned and beautifully executed.

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