5YAT: Greasy Spoon!

5 January, 2005 – Grey Again –8º

[This post is part of the 5 Years Ago Today Series]

Not as cold as I would like this morning but the river is good. As good, or better, than my last crossing.  The ice was very slick and slippery which made for a very slow crossing. Left the island at 0900 arrived at shore 1000.

It took longer to cross the river than to get to town. Arrived 1040 for breakfast with dad at Reggie’s.  We’ve been sharing breakfasts at Reggie’s since I was a baby.


Spent the day with dad. Did some planning and ran some errands, finishing with enough time to swing by the Saint John Arts Centre and see Peggy’s art show.

Back on the river by 1550. All well on the island.

Arranged with Glen to get dog food on Saturday – I’ll need his truck to make sure we get enough stocked up.

Arranged to meet Violet onshore tomorrow.  She said a deer had fallen through the ice between the ice and the ferry. I hope it wasn’t the one I tracked on the island. (Though why that would be sadder than any other deer is beyond me… but it would be.)

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