5YAT: Car Sold.

4 January, 2005 – Grey –8º

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100_2279_jan_4 Lots of barking last night, so while I am crusty, the river isn’t even solid. There is a think eggshell covering on about 3-4 inches of slush which is on top of the existing ice. Definitely no crossing today but a cold night will firm that mess up to a 6-8” thick surface. Very encouraging for tomorrow, but not today.

The car I’ve been using when I’m able to cross the river was a loaner from friend’s who were trying to sell it. The idea being that me driving it about town with a big “SALE” sign in the window might generate some interest.  Well it seems to have worked. I just got a call telling me they have sold the car.  Great news for them, less great news for me. 

No access to a car on the shore makes it especially challenging to get things done. Especially since it looks like I’ll be around until at least mid-January trying to get things squared away for island-sitting. Cathy called later in the day to say they had arranged with the new buyer to let me use the car for the next week or so. Phew!

Spent some time pondering the difference between journalism and news. Threw in the evolution of blogging as journalism just to make it a more interesting ponder.

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  • January 30, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    when are you going back to the island (mathers) ?


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