5YAT: Catching Up, Now and Then

I have fallen behind in the 5YAT posts. So I’ll put up a couple now to catch up. It’s possible I fell behind because I’ve been busy living life, working and celebrating the birthday season. But it’s much more likely I fell behind because I’m embarrassed to put up anything about I how I behaved on the next day: 

6 January, 2005 – Grey -14º

Up early and onto the river at daylight. Original plan to have a Quispamsis Day of Doing – laundry; library; email; blog updates; chainsaw repair; etc, turned into driving into town. I had forgotten to get the Xmas-cum-Thank-You cards signed and to pick up the bank card from dad yesterday.

Got into town, got the chainsaw replaced, got the cards signed, and got mouthy. Vented way too much irritation, loneliness, PMS and frustration, ending with snapping at my friend Di when she, rightly, called me on it. Not my finest moment and yet another thing to apologise for. One of the real things.

Alexa Clark

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