5YAT: Left In The Powder

7 January, 2005 – Grey & Snowy –6º

It’s beautiful out. Big fluffy clouds falling from the sky onto big fluffy mounds on the ground. Kind of moody inside until Di called and allowed me to apologise for being a self-centered ass. (perhaps this is why all my self-portraits have me looking annoyed – self-annoyed.) All is well I think, I hope, and fingers-crossed I have learned a few things.Meatloaf

Did a little work with Meatloaf & Pork Pie in an attempt to get them used to working with me since we’ll be hauling a lot of dog food across the river tomorrow. I took the “2 best behaved dogs” and put them onto the “fastest sled” and ended up with 2 dawdly puppies and walking most of the way across the river.  Perhaps because the dogs kept rolling around in the new fallen snow rather than pulling.

I got off the sled mid-river, went around to untangle them and lead them for a little while.  As I uttered the words “come on boys”. They took off – WHOOSH! I was left in the powder as Meatloaf and Pork Pie zoomed off to the shore.

Luckily they couldn’t get up the hill without me. Once we made it up the hill, they went straight to the side of the garage and lay down. Not good dogs, but well trained.

With the dogs settled in nicely at the store, I headed off to do a couple of errands left over from yesterday.  Then back out on the river for us.  No problem with the hill (wow!) but as soon as we hit the river, I had 2 lazy dogs again.

100_2355_jan11Decided to try Meatloaf in lead since he was doing all the work that was getting done anyway. It worked fairly well for about 1/3 of the river, when Pork Pie somehow managed to get loose – harness still on. When he looked back and realized he wasn’t pulling anything he took off like a shot for the island.

Meatloaf and I trudged back through the beautiful thick new snow. All was well when we got back to the island – but that dog!

It’s a scientific fact that dog sledding completely eliminates the need for a thigh master – boy-oh-boy!  I have muscles aching that I didn’t even know I had!

Settled in for a drink before dinner and found myself feeling a little tired. That could be because “a drink” turned into 3 very rapidly. *Hic*. Or as Morgan said when she was only 3: “Lexa is a boozehead”.

Dinner of fire grilled hamburgasas on garlic toasted baguette with a glass of Piemonte Barbera 2003 Patrizi.  (Did I mention I hit the boozeteria during my errands)

Alexa Clark

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