5YAT: January 1, 2005

1 January, 2005 – am=–9º, noon=+8º, pm=0º

[This post is part of the 5 Years Ago Today Series]

The sun was shining in my face as I got the fire going – felt happier than I had for about a week.January 1 2005

The day was beautifully sunny but wet. All this sunshine has turned my mood around – woo hoo Happy 2005!

But the warmth and recent rains haven’t done anything good for the ice. The ice on the mainland side has run the gamut from water-covered to looking live velvet with puddles.January 1 2005

However at both Ladies Beach and Porcher’s End the ice supports my weight. Little Bear’s weight too

January 1 2005

since he joined me for my walk through the forest to Porcher’s End.

January 1 2005

For breakfast and lunch I had lovely lovely cinnamon loaf toasted over wood coals.

For dinner I shoved the leftover vegetables and potatoes onto the pot roast and since I couldn’t find a cast iron lid, pushed down tin foil on top of the food, then shoved the pot roast directly into the embers.

After my conversations with dad and Heather dinner was done and perfect with the wine I had reserved. Heather told me she has sent me a care package including a maroon scarf for my birthday since I am marooned and some barfi. How sweet!

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