The Society Of the Public Pickle

In our annual celebration of birthday-birthday, we were joined by a whack of our friends at the to eat wings, drink beer and pose with pickles.

Public Pickle 2010

We attempted to sample each of the 30-types of wings available at the Crown and Dragon, but unfortunately we missed 3 – Apple & Cinnamon, East Coast “Donair” and The Rookie BBQ (mild).  Last year we were able to make it through the whole list.  Lee suggested that this year people just didn’t love me enough.  Perhaps it’s true, I’d have to love someone a lot to eat a Donair wing. Not sure I want people loving me that much.

Favourites from the list included – The Traditional, Dragon’s Breath, Roadside Lemonade, Killer Bee and Bollywood.

A great time was had by most (I can’t guarantee “all” since not everyone checked in but the beer was certainly flowing which is always a good sign.) Certainly a great time was had by us! Thanks to everyone who came out.

Alexa Clark

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One thought on “The Society Of the Public Pickle

  • January 13, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    My first time was a lot of fun. Favorite photo is Dave with pickles in his ears. I won’t be fearing January ever again if you keep up the tradition!


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