What The Hell is “5YAT”

I just got off the phone with Nancy who thought I was on the island and that something had happened to dad.

I apologise for the confusion!

I am in Toronto, dad is on the island and we are both safe, sound and warm!  (in fact you can see dad healthy and hail on YouTube here – at the 8:40 mark)

So what is this 5YAT business? 

In Lieu of Blogging5YAT stands for 5 Years Ago Today.

I have been posting daybook entries from when I spent December 2004 to mid-January 2005 on the island alone.  Each post has “5YAT” in the title and starts with a single line detailing the date and weather.

I have had a lot of people say they’d like to know more about my time on the island and what it was like to be out there alone. So I thought the 5th anniversary would be a good time  to share. 

The posts start here [Dec 07 and Dec 08, 2004] and continue daily:

Again, I’m very sorry for worrying any of you!

Alexa Clark

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