Last Year’s Flavour Development Seminar

I’m really looking forward to this year’s Terroir at Hart House on Tuesday. The theme this year is Innovation & Inspiration

Last year’s event was a fantastic learning and networking experience. And the food wasn’t bad either.Flavour Development Seminar

My three favourite sessions were:

One of the sessions at Terroir 2009 was Chef Owen Steinberg’s session on flavour development.
Using a squash soup as the basis, he took us through the flavour development step by step. it was a fascinating exploration of flavour, taste and the layering of flavours.

Lunch was excellent and the closing keynote by Mitchell Davis from the James Beard Foundation, who I also shared a breakfast table with, was inspirational!

Terroir is a must-attend event if you work in or write about the business of the Hospitality Industry.

Alexa Clark

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