Lex Turns 45, Celebrates in Style, Creates Secret Pickle Supper Club

Wow what a way to celebrate turning 45! I’m just barely recovering from all the birthday activities now, over a month later!

I’ve always been a little fussy about my birthdays. I remember as a little girl bursting into tears at more than one birthday party surrounded by friends. And in contrast, I remember the years where being in transit or transition from one city to another left me alone and feeling forgotten on my birthdays.

Public Pickle - Friends with pickles

My 40th birthday, which I had been planning as a big, sparkling cocktail party inviting everyone I know, turned into me, alone on the island with the chickens, rabbits and dogs keeping me company.**

But not this year!

No dogs!
No chickens!
And the only rabbit was in the paella.

My tentative queries about what I should do to celebrate turned into 2 parties!

The first, which we dubbed , was a rollicking beer & wing night at the Crown & Dragon. A natural extension of the last 2 years when Gerry & I have shared a party at a pub and drunken pickle photos ensue!  I’ve already posted the photos and talked about this a lot!

The second, which we dubbed , was an intimate guided Tasting Tour of Spain at the Fair Trade Jewellery Company with food prepared by Chef Matt Kantor of .   (Which has turned into a scheme, but I’ll tell you more about that soon!)
The Fuzzy Gang At The Secret Pickle

The Secret Pickle burst out of two very exploratory conversations. The first with Matt, who I was asking loosely about what would be involved in pulling together a tasting event for some friends for my birthday  and he responded “Let’s DO IT!!!!”

The second with Ryan, started with “I might be doing a tasting for my birthday…” Before I could finishing “… would you like to come?”  Ryan had offered me for the event, had run next door and had booked us a kitchen.

Then as soon as we had a date and I told a small handful of people, we had to start figuring out ways to add more seats to the table to fit in as many people as possible given the limitations of a 2 burner kitchen!!  (I’ll be posting about the food next – it was amazing!)

Both nights we were joined by dear friends and I can honestly say this has been one of the best birthday-seasons I have ever had.

Thank you all!

** But it’s important to add that my lovely and delightful friend Heather organised a wonderful surprise party for me when I did finally get off the island and back to Toronto. Sadly, she was too sick to come.

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