Almost Home

Almost Home — Originally uploaded by LexnGer

Actually, as I type this, I am home having finished the final leg of our travel by kayaking home this morning.
The bus ride which started at 4:30pm Thursday in Toronto and ended 7:50 Friday in Saint John reminded me of a couple of things:
1. don’t take a bus from Toronto to Montreal that requires you to go through Ottawa.
2. don’t buy bus tickets online because you can only buy from Greyhound and (see point #1)
3. I love traveling with Gerry
4. I have some amazing friends, new and old, who at the last minute will offer suggestions of great places to hang out in Montreal at the oddest hours of the night AND offer their guest rooms and couches so I don’t have to stay up all night waiting for a 6am bus.
5. I like staying up really late and exploring.
6. Twitter is useful for getting help when all you have is a smartphone and want to get your new Rogers MiFi device working (more on that in a future post for sure!)
5. I sleep really well when I travel.
6. We live in a beautiful country. Something you don’t really get to take in when you fly.

Now I’m safe and dry in my room on the island "napping"

[Tech notes: photo loaded to iPad with new iPad camera connector. iPad sending to internet through my new MiFi cellular modem/WIFI hub. More on that soon]

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