Ice Crystals

Yesterday’s archive photo certainly caused a stir. I didn’t realize, or remember, that it would auto tweet with the name of the photo which obviously lead some folks to think I pulled something over on them. Kate even checked it out thinking I was announcing that I was on “How To Look Good Naked”.

Sorry to disappoint you with a shower curtain!

This time I’ve picked something titled less titillatingly, I expect there will be a lot less views for this one.

I’m selecting these based on my Flickr stats, and then selecting one of my older photos that showed up in the top views for the previous day. At least that’s how I’m doing it now. I might shift at some point to sharing photos I think have been under-appreciated. You can of course effect this by commenting or kvetching, which ever strikes your fancy.

One morning I woke up and the entire island (dogs included) was covered with perfect little sheets of ice crystals. Sometimes they stood up like trees, other times they were stacked like plates, but they all sparkled like diamonds.

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Alexa Clark

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