Scallop – Romanesco Cauliflower – Hidden Rose Apple – Curry Oil

Just over a year ago I had an amazing 7 course dinner cooked at my home by Chef Matt Kantor. How was I to know when I entered a little contest on facebook that I was about to meet one of my new favourite people?
Scallop - Romanesco Cauliflower - Hidden Rose Apple - Curry Oil
Both the Romanesco Cauliflower and Hidden Rose Apple are unusual around here. This photo captures both the greenish colour of the Romanesco (in the puree) and a bit of the cauliflower’s unusual shape – each floret is a spiral cone.

The cubes are the Hidden Rose Apple, whose flesh is this rose-pink colour. Unfortunately I don’t have the colour perfectly adjusted.

This one of the 7 courses in the catered dinner for 4 by Chef Matt Kantor which I won through a contest on . See photos of the full 7 courses here


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