Be A Taster in #TorontoTaste’s #ImATaster Contest

Can you fearlessly balance a glass of chardonnay, a porcini tart and a mini strawberry dacquoise in one hand while entering rapt reviews of less than 140 characters with the other?

Strawberry Mojito w/ Black Bass Ceviche

Do you have adventurous taste buds, Twitter acumen, fast thumbs and a yearning to report live from Toronto’s most coveted culinary event of the year, Toronto Taste on Sunday, June 12, 2011 in support of Second Harvest?

If you answered “@2ndHarvest yes, yes I can because #ImATaster and an #UberTweeter!” then you might be the tweeter we’re looking for in the #ImATaster Contest to win a prized spot as  a Roving Twitter Reporter at Second Harvest’s Toronto Taste! 

All you have to do is tell us what you want to experience at Toronto Taste.***

Caviar Two Ways

Of course you have to do it via twitter, and use the hashtags #TorontoTaste and #ImATaster.  You can enter as many times as you want from Tuesday June 7th at 2pm until Thursday, June 9th at 6pm.  All your tweets using the hashtags will be pulled together as your “entry” and the winner will be selected based on quality, reach and engagement (I.e. show us how good a job you’ll do as a twitter reporter at Taste).

If you win, you’ll get a Media Pass to Toronto Taste and join us as we tweet Taste. You will get an insider’s view of Toronto Taste, while enjoying the full experience. You get to come early to tweet your impressions as Second Harvest staff and volunteers set up.  You’ll get the first sneak peek as 64 chefs and 31 beverage purveyors set up their booths and start the preparations for serving 1500 guests in just 5 hours. You’ll get to taste and sample some of the best food, wine and spirits available in Toronto, tweeting about it as you go.


Read the full official contest details here

*** check out  for all the great chefs, beverage stations, sponsors, fine wine, live and silent auction details if you are looking for ideas

Alexa Clark

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