Random box of President’s Choice Goodies

Random box of President's Choice Goodies

There was a knock on the door to my new office, new enough that I don’t get mail here yet and I just had my first drop in visitor an hour early.  I opened the door there was Wayne holding a big box.

It must be for me. It has a big label with my name, my website and my new address on it.

Inside the box: a random collection of President’s Choice merchandise including – baby food, coffee, cool looking pencils, and dishwasher pellets.

Not sure why I got this. And while I’m sure I can find a use for the baby wipes, the organic pablum & little penguin soft cookies may need to find a child to feed.

On further inspection, the Insider’s Report is wrapped in a USB wristband – cool!  On the USB is a folder labeled Pitch Idea, inside the folder is a file named “Back To School…” and the first line is “President’s Choice® Brand aims for an A+ from moms for simple back to school meal solutions”

Aha – I’m not a mom. (Kind of them to remind me.)

But to be fair, the other 50% looks interestings – pulled pork sauce, moleskin-like notebook, pencils, coffee, dipping sauce, and more.

At least 50% of this package will immediately be shared out to other Camaraderie folks – pablum and dishwasher pellets already gone.

It’s fascinating to get random deliveries!

Alexa Clark

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