Mad Hatter Crew

Some times the best times come as a complete surprise courtesy of a long lost friend.  Mad Hatter Crew

This time it came through my university buddy Jennifer in the form of an invitation to the Mad Hatter Technologies Wacky Hat Party. It was perfect timing.

We were in Waterloo and our family event was brunch not dinner.  So we coerced the clan into saying “yes”, then found a hat for each of us to wear (some wackier than others) and headed out to join in the fun.

Lots of food, lots of people, and all the booths at the front were setup with art supplies so we could celebrate the Central Art Walk by creating our own pieces.  More Art

Most of our stuff was communal art made by one person doing a bit and then handing the paper to someone else when we were stuck and they’d take it to the next level, over and over again.  We had some success with our art pieces, and they all made it to the wall! 

Mad Hatter ArtMad Hatter Art

Jennifer, our lovely hostess, also had a Wacky Hat competition!  I was very surprised to be the big winner for my wreath-cum-tiara. The other winners were the guy who built his hat out of K’nex and Rosemary with her hand made fascinator (made by Joan). 

We had a great time. It’s amazing what a little paint, paper and some silly hats will do to a family.

Alexa Clark

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