A Day Filled With Packages, Boxes and Bags!

Yesterday started off pretty crappy for me.  I was in a bit of a mood, feeling rather Grinchy in fact, when I came into the office I found a stack of packages waiting for me!

What was in the office when I arrived

I knew it couldn’t be HoHoTO Raffle prizes already…. (more on that here!) So what could be inside these unexpected deliveries?!?

I clapped my hands with enthusiasm and dug right in to see who had sent me what:

Package #1 – Siren Group

The first thing I opened was the easiest – the bag.  Inside was this lovely letter from the Siren Group telling me about Chef Josh Henderson’s Skillet Street Food and his Bacon Jam.  You might remember Bacon Jam as one of the items I brought to the Diner en Blanc, and it was from a chef’s cook-off using Bacon Jam at All The Best Fine Foods where I met Josh as well.

Package #1 - Skillet Street Food

Well inside that pretty box was a sampling of 1 sample of the bacon jam and 4 new products from Skillet Street Food  including fennel & black pepper bacon jam; skillet chipotle pumpkin sauce; skillet thai curry pumpkin sauce; and a brown sugar, apple vinegar pumpkin sauce.  Gerry, we’ve got some sampling to do!

Package #1 - Skillet Street Foods Collection

Package #1 – Hill & Knowlton for Loblaws & President’s Choice Holiday Collection

This was a massive box, and inside the box was this cardboard cabinet!  It’s 2.5 feet tall!  (That’s Mark from Shopify’s hand resting on the top of the box)

Package #2

When you open the doors of the cabinet, this is what was inside!   (You can’t see the PC Holiday Insider’s Report, or the bottle of Memories of Morroco sauce, but they are there too!)

Package #2 - President's Choice Holiday Collection

The Eat the Middle First cookies are already out in the coffee area at Camaraderie being shared among the co-working crowd. I’m holding back from opening everything until Gerry is here and we can sample together!  Though I think he’s going to miss out on one or two things if he doesn’t come to the office soon.

I suspect there may be one or two items being shared in a giveaway goodie bag soon too.

Package #3 – Steam Whistle Brewing

This last package was actually expected, I just forgot.  4 Steam Whistle Brewery Tour passes to give away on CheapEats.  Now the question is whether I give away 2 pairs or a set of 4.

Package #3 - Steam Whistle Brewery Tour Ticket

Thanks to the Siren Group, , Hill & Knowlton, Loblaws, and Steam Whistle for starting my day off with a WOW!

Alexa Clark

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