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Longo's PizzaBecause life is never boring, Thursday night’s dinner deal lined up with a HoHoTO sponsorship team meeting.  Of course that means a great opportunity to feed a group!

So, guess who brought the pizza? (Okay, it was Gerry because I was busy getting things lined up for our meeting.)

Gerry picked up three 16” pepperoni pizzas at the Elizabeth Street store and cycled them over to the office.

Word of advice: you shouldn’t put pizzas in a bike rack and cycle them over to a business meeting and expect them to look like pizza when you arrive. Won’t happen. Gerry adds “pizza was a mess”. Still tasted great though!

Thursday’s deal: 16” pepperoni pizza

Longo's Pizza

What you should know: Longo’s makes great pizza. But don’t try and get it home by bike.

Longo's Pizza After Bike Ride

Our experience:  We’ve had the Thursday Pizza deal many times and will have it again. The pizza is great. Hot, fragrant, tasty! And it’s a great deal!

Everyone at the meeting seemed to enjoy the pizza even Rochelle who couldn’t eat the pepperoni & cheese enjoyed the crust.  We got 3 to feed a group 6 of us and ended up with almost a whole pizza left over (which we shared with some co-workers upstairs after our meeting.)

Longo's Pizza Menu

the 16” pizzas are great, but we have noticed, and others have commented, that individual 10” pizzas seem to be better. I’m not quite sure why.  Possibly because you can get big chunks of peppers and mushrooms on them. But there does seem to be a difference across the board.

Longo's Pizza Being Made

I love watching the pizzas made and for $6.99 the 16” pepperoni pizza hot from the oven is a tasty treat.  Add a salad either from the produce section or from the salad bar while you wait for your pizza to bake and you’ve got a fantastic dinner.

And of course if it’s not Thursday, there are other Pizza deals like the Mon-Wed 11am-10pm Pizza & Beer deal for $10 you get at 10” pizza and a pint of beer.

Longo's Pizza

And if you are feeling like pizza and wings, you can get them to heat at home together for $16.99 (16” pepperoni and a 18 wings)

Longo's Pizza

What we’d tweak: not a thing!  Though it might be nice to have a veggie option available on Thursdays too.

Best for: Groups, pizza night, meetings, or just grab and go quality pizza.

Longos - Taste Ontario

Note: this post is part of my Longo’s Taste Ontario Ambassador series.  For more information on my relationship with Longo’s read about my Foodie Adventure: Longo’s Taste Ontario Ambassador! and my disclosure statement

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