Longo’s: Tuesday’s Sushi

Longo's Taste Ontario LogoLongos - Taste OntarioTuesday was by far the most challenging meal in this series.IMG_7468  Not because Longo’s sushi is challenging but because my best friend and god-daughter arrived that night with a serious craving for Indian.  Sushi, as most of you know, is not a traditional Indian dish.  Not even a close approximation of any South Asian cuisine.

I decided we’d get the Longo’s Sushi, share it as an appetizer and then head out for the much craved Indian.  So working on a tight schedule we zipped over to the Longo’s at First Canadian Place to get it.  Unfortunately the Longo’s at First Canadian Place doesn’t offer the Tuesday Sushi Dinner Done Right special.  (Note: neither does the Brookfield store!)

I asked about it both in person from the cashier: “it’s only at the big stores”; on twitter to @longosmarkets “it’s a lease condition” and finally through official channels who replied:

“We do not offer the $6.99 Tuesday special, unfortunately, because those 2 locations Brookfield and First Canadian Place do not have on-site Chefs due to the limited space of the store and therefore do not offer the same program as all our other locations”  AHA!

Unfortunately, answer-in-hand didn’t get sushi-in-mouth.  So my sampling had to wait for another week.

In addition to the delay in sampling, I realized just as I was about to post this that all my photos are missing.  Luckily my friend Sid Friedman was willing to take on a Special Mission and hit the Walkers Line Longos for a quick photo shoot!  Thank you Sid!

Tuesday’s deal: Sushi

What you should know:

As I mentioned above, It’s not available at the Brookfield Longo’s or the First Canadian Place Longo’s

Our experience:

(for today’ only, “Our” will mean me and Sid.)

You get to choose between regular, brown rice or vegetarian maki rolls, 20 pieces for $6.99.


They come with soya sauce, wasabi and packaged ginger (which is a nice touch missing from most grocery-store sushi.)


But that said, it’s pretty standard grocery-store sushi (actually grocery-store maki)

It’s a good, easy, fast, healthy meal.  But it’s still grocery-store sushi.


I will add that my friend Sid after snagging these photos mentioned “BTW, dinner was delish! My sushi was nice and fresh, avocado perfect consistency, rice was moist, fake crab good, even the pre-packaged ginger was tasty.”


What we’d tweak: 

offer a different Tuesday Dinner Done Right Deal.

Best for:

a quick dinner before yoga.

Longos - Taste OntarioNote: this post is part of my Longo’s Taste Ontario Ambassador series.  For more information on my relationship with Longo’s read about my Foodie Adventure: Longo’s Taste Ontario Ambassador! and my disclosure statement

Photo credits: Sid Friedman

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2 thoughts on “Longo’s: Tuesday’s Sushi

  • May 15, 2012 at 11:35 am

    Brookfield Place is now offering this Tuesday Sushi deal (as of May 2012).

  • May 15, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    Thanks Eric, it’s nice to have updated info!


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