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Longo's Chicken Dinner Night!Life is busy and sometimes you just need to take advantage of Longo’s Chicken Night. And sometimes, you just want to!

Remember how my best friend and his daughter were visiting on Tuesday?  Well, they were still visiting Wednesday. Wednesday morning anyway.  It was a lovely visit with lots of catching up, but it meant my day was a little offset. Essentially I started work at about noon instead of nine.

One of the benefits of working for yourself is that this is an option. One of the downfalls is that Longo’s was sold out of chickens when I went in to buy one at 8:30pm

Wednesday’s deal: 1kg Roasted Chicken

Packaged Venetian rotisserie style Chicken - Longo's Chicken Night

What you should know: they sell out FAST at some locations.  For downtowners who don’t even get out of work until after 6pm, be aware that your closest location may be out before you arrive.

Roasted Chicken in pan from Longo's Chicken Dinner Night!

Our experience: we got the Venetian – a chicken roasted w/ Mediterranean herbs and spices and it was TASTY!   Plenty to feed 2 people, but we topped it up with a side of risotto and some bagged salad (shhh don’t tell Joel). It had been a long day and veggies is veggies! But you could easily fix your own sides.

The chicken was very good. Hot and ready to eat!

You can get either BBQ or Venetian (it turns out they don’t offer the Portuguese anymore) and just writing this is making my mouth water!  (Seriously, Gerry picked one up for dinner so there’s one waiting for me at home and when I finish this I get to go eat it!)

Ingredients list for Longo's Venetian style rotisserie Chicken - Longo's Chicken Dinner Night!

Wednesday’s $6.99 Dinner Deal is an outstandingly good buy! This is one of those deals where you can get the chicken and plunk it in the fridge to use as an ingredient in dinners or lunch later in the week too. Get 2!

The roasted chickens are a great value most days at $9.99 for the BBQ Chicken and $11.99 for the Venetian Style.  You can even get a better deal with the $14.99 Family Meal Deal which is the same chicken and 2 sides, any day of the week.  And since we’re talking value, until Dec 24th you’ll get a free Panetonne. Like a mini-Christmas dinner.

Rotisseries chicken sign with regular prices at Longo's

The thing is you have to make sure you can get them at your store after work. They are available from 4pm and go until they sell out or the store closes. Some of the smaller format stores downtown close early, e.g. Brookfield closes at 7, First Canadian Place closes at 7:30, and the Bloor St. and the Elizabeth St. Stores close at 9pm.

What we’d tweak: absolutely nothing! (Okay, perhaps that the Elizabeth Street store have them available until later in the evening, but that’s really not a reasonable request just for us. )

Wednesday's Dinner Done Right Chicken sign at Longo's Chicken Dinner Night!

Longo’s Chicken Night is Best for: Dinner, leftovers, lunch, dinner tomorrow

Get 2, one for dinner,  one for lunches and/or as an ingredient later in the week.

Note: this post is part of my Longo’s Taste Ontario Ambassador series.  For more information on my relationship with Longo’s read about my Foodie Adventure: Longo’s Taste Ontario Ambassador! and my disclosure statement

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