Longo’s: And The Winner of the Favourite Cook Photo Contest Spectacular is….


With Rochelle campaigning HARD for her photo to win and her diligence paid off as she garnered over 300 votes!  She even incited people to go vote because it was a photo of her in her holiday lingerie.

Here’s how she described Festive Breakfast:

My flatmate snapped this photo of me cooking breakfast. We had rudely been awakened by our fire alarm at 5:30 so we thought we would make the best of it and eat breakfast together. Not sure if I'm my favourite holiday cook but it was captured in the moment.

Unfortunately, we don’t have prizes for 2nd place, but with over 180 votes Steven Da Local Chef Wilson showed very well too!


Steven described Prepping in The Garden as follows:


Prepping in The Garden was taken by my wife as I was preparing the  family lunch. It was such a beautiful day outside I couldn’t bear to stay inside, so I took my prep work outside.

Thank goodness for flatmates, wives and Gerry or we’d never have photos of our favourite cooks in action!!

Congratulations Rochelle!  I’ll email you with details on picking up your prize at Longo’s Maple Leaf Square tomorrow!


Thanks for all the great photos submitted by the talented: @tongueandcheek @DaLocalChef @andreat76 @rochlatinsky @ruyoung @Digiteyes @BetsyYeung @katesalter1 and a couple more.

Note: this post and this event were both part of my Longo’s Taste Ontario Ambassador series.  For more information on my relationship with Longo’s read about my Foodie Adventure: Longo’s Taste Ontario Ambassador! and my disclosure statement

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