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Canadian Beef

So one of the cool things about working on new projects is the opportunity to work with new people.  Now in the case of a Brand Ambassadorship usually this is the brand and sometimes the agency who is connecting you, but one of the nice parts of the Canadian Beef Brand Ambassadorship is that we’ve been encouraged to get to know each other.  Right now it’s mostly just digitally, but I hope most of us will be meeting face to face in the early fall too.

I’ve decided to introduce each of my co-Ambassadors by sharing their blog, their announcement post, and a quick sentence that caught my eye from their post.

Here are the other Canadian Beef Ambassadors who will be talking Beef for the next 12 months.

 Stephanie Caruso

kitchenfrolic.blogspot.comsharing my love of canadian beef“we generally feel pretty patriotic whenever we’re travelling and see “Canadian Beef” on the menu (which has happened in London, Cuba and Hong Kong!).”  [Stephanie, I have never seen this, but love that it’s happening!]

Tracey Courtney Great Resource for Beef Lovers –“Plus did you know there are 8 cuts of Canadian Beef that quality for the Health Check program from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada?”  [I did not!  Time for me to dig a little deeper into! Thanks Tracey]

 Felicia Dewar

singlemomoftwo.comI’m a Canadian Beef Ambassador!“When the announcement first came out, my mouth started salivating – my absolute favorite meal has always been prime rib roast, mashed potatoes & gravy, yorkshire pudding, corn and whatever other extras (like salads) my Grandmother would make. “ [mmmm That was my birthday feast for years too Felicia.]

 Neil Faba About Canadian Beef“I am doing this because I’m passionate about good food, and good food produced in Canada by hardworking farmers and others.” [Neil, that’s an excellent point!]

Julia Gabriel

nugglemama.caSummer Eats With Canadian Beef“ I admit that when I got that email I did a little dance.   I have had a love affair with Canadian beef for as long as I can remember” [There were happy dances here too Julia.]

Kathryne Grisim  – Food Musings-is a Canadian Beef Brand Ambassador  – “We needed the energy that beef delivers because we had a busy weekend at the cottage which included spending some time as babysitters to three of our grand nieces and nephew.” [Kathyrne wow, that’s a busy weekend!]

 Christine McNaughton

www.lifeonmanitoulin.comSpreading the Canadian Beef Luv #LoveCDNBeef“I didn’t even know the difference between a baler and a swather!”  [errr, neither do I! Educate us Christine!]

 Lina Zussino Canadian Beef Advantage“And who could be better qualified than me, after all I lived on a dairy farm milking 800 cows and grazed cattle for many years before moving to the city in my early 30′s.”  [Wow, that’s a lot of cattle Lina!]

 Shayna Murray  – Canadian Beef – Goodness in Every Bite!“However, in my heart I will always be a farm girl.”  

Between us we cover 8 of our 10 provinces with Ambassadors in Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba,  Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia (and I’m going to say New Brunswick since I spend a big chunk of every year there too).

Already there is a wide range of styles, voices and perspectives emerging and I can’t wait to see how that continues to evolve too!

Canadian BeefNote: this post is part of my Canadian Beef Brand Ambassador series .  For more information on my relationship with Canada Beef Inc read about my Foodie Adventure: I’m a Canadian Beef Brand Ambassador. #LoveCdnBeefand my disclosure statement

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